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Poetrue's Pets First Kits Ever Born!

Welcome to my web site!
Please enjoy looking around and getting to know more about my chinchillas :o)

Hi everyone! I'm a lover and small hobby breeder of chinchillas located in East Hartford, Connecticut. I just find them so adorable! My sister started me on this chin addiction back in 1997 when she got her first chinchilla Azriel. He was a dark standard chinchilla and a special boy. After awhile she decided to get him a mate. Along came her standard girl Jezebel and ever since then the love of chinchillas has been in both of our hearts.
My sister and I originally kept our chinchillas as pets and took our time learning about them. After a few years of learning about chins though I decided to start breeding them. I now breed quality chinchillas focusing on improving the ebony, violet and violet cross mutations. I'm a registered member of the MCBA (Mutation Chinchilla Breeder's Association) and actively show my chinchillas.

For colors I have Standard Gray, TOV, White, Beige, Violet, Ebony & many different combinations of the above colors.  I breed primarily mated pairs or trios, though do now have a few runs and can get most color combinations. All of my chinchillas are raised by hand in my home, so they are socialized from birth. I sell my chins as pets and breeders and only to good knowledgable loving homes!

If you are interested in purchasing a chinchilla visit the 'For Sale' section of the website! You can also contact me with any questions you have about my chinchillas or chinchillas in general. Please visit my Facebook page and add me as a friend to get updates on new births, sales, as well as pictures of chins here at Poetrue's Pets!

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Smoky having fun in his bath :o)


To see more cute chin pics click below

Pictures of My Herd

Poetrue's Pets  East Hartford, CT
Updated 2/1/2016